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About Us

About Us


We are your Grand Strand Attorneys

The law firm of Ouverson, Guest & Carter, PA in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, brings years of combined legal experience to the community. Our attorneys are committed to providing each client with sound legal guidance and strategies that are tailored to each individual circumstance. Our experience prepares us to handle even the most complex legal matters, while striving to protect the interests and future of each and every client.

Ouverson, Guest, and Carter have a history – individually and collectively – in gaining positive results for our clients both in and out of the courtroom. Our law firm is comprised of lawyers and staff from varying backgrounds and strengths which enable us to have the capability of handling multiple legal aspects. We provide a full service team approach to a wide range of legal matters such as Family Law, Business Law, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, and more.

We want our clients to be able to focus on the personal side of their situation with the calming knowledge that we will undertake the efforts of managing their legal considerations. We are devoted to quality over quantity, with the aim of ensuring that each client is provided with individual attention and diligent service – no matter the nature of his or her case. This approach has laid the foundation of trust with our clients over the years. Many of our clients return to us for future needs and refer their loved ones to us as well.

We will personally fight for your rights throughout your case, and your attorney shall provide you with the answers and information you need to make educated decisions. Your goals and wishes are our priority, and we will partner with you to understand your objectives and deliver results.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we receive a multitude of questions at Ouverson, Guest & Carter, each inquiry is unique and cannot often be answered simply. For sound legal advice, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Without the benefit of full compensation, medical bills and lost wages can cause great financial difficulty for anyone. Maintain detailed records of what happened at the accident and all of the expenses associated with the accident – such as repairs, medical bills, expenses, and your time lost from work.

A skilled and experienced personal injury attorney at Ouverson, Guest & Carter, PA is here to help you in the event that you have been injured in an auto accident of no fault of your own.

Mediation can be best described as negotiation that is carried out with the help of a trained facilitator. Two or more parties meet with a neutral third party, who guides the negotiation process by advising and listening to all sides, and whom helps the parties arrive at a mutually agreeable (“win win”) settlement.

A mediated settlement is nonbinding. This means that if any party in the dispute is unhappy with outcome, that party may opt not to sign a settlement agreement – and instead continue negotiating or proceed to arbitration or general litigation. Mediation is one of the most informal dispute resolution procedures. The process is completely flexible and negotiable by the parties.

Many plaintiffs and courts, including the United States Supreme Court, have found that arbitration is much less costly than litigation. All of the available data shows that consumers fare at least as well in arbitration as they do in the court system. Arbitration does not limit a party’s right to seek a specific solution, but simply shifts the venue for finding that solution from the court system to an arbitration forum. Arbitration, with its lower fees and faster process, is an ideal avenue for providing justice to Americans who cannot easily access the court system due to cost and delays.

It would be a good idea to have a trusted defense attorney on your side, such as a lawyer from Ouverson, Guest & Carter, PA.

Upon being arrested, there are certain time-frames and procedures that the prosecution and the court must follow. Typically, the police will advise you of your Miranda rights (the right to remain silent, to have an attorney present during questioning, and so on) at the time of your arrest. Once you are taken into custody, no statements can be used against you unless the police have read you your Miranda rights.

Regardless of what kind of criminal charge you might face, we have a criminal defense attorney ready to provide your with a firm defense throughout each part of the legal process. The criminal defense lawyer at Ouverson, Guest & Carter offers strong legal representation within the magistrate court, municipal court, and state courts. We are ready to work providing defense for our clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies.

Several advantages are evident when it comes to organizing your business into being a formal corporation. A corporation is basically a separate legal entity that is distinguishable from its individual owners. Businesses that become incorporated according to state law requirements can mean that the owners’ personal assets are better protected. It helps to limit the liability of the owners so that their property or assets is typically not used to pay corporate business debts. There can also be tax advantages and an incorporated business may find it easier to to attract investors.

The law firm of Ouverson, Guest & Carter, PA, is here to help assist startups and businesses with their business law needs such as company formation, incorporation, or partnership agreements.

Defamation is any false and unprivileged spoken words or written publication, which exposes any living person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or which causes him or her to be shunned or avoided. It includes spoken or written words that can have a tendency to injure a person’s reputation within his or her trade or occupation.

For example, if a person (or the news media) says or writes something about you that is understood to falsely lower your reputation, or keeps others from associating with you – then defamation has occurred. However, if someone says something false about someone who has died, as reprehensible as that may be, in most states it is not considered defamatory.

At least 21 states have laws on the books mandating the presence or involvement of an attorney at real estate closings. South Carolina is one of these states. Real estate attorneys oversee the legal work, or real estate law, that is involved with selling or in buying property in order to ensure that the rights and interests of the client(s) are preserved.

Real estate lawyers work to review and document all the aspects of real estate transactions such as purchases, rental agreements, inspections, appraisals, deeds, and leases.

A bankruptcy is a legal declaration that states that an individual or organization is unable to pay its creditors or debts. Bankruptcy filings are mostly regulated by laws under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The validity of bankruptcy claims and exemptions are governed by state law and vary from state to state.

Each state may have laws that determine which items or properties are exempt from being taken away. For example, many states exempt personal items such as furniture, clothing, the primary residence, and vehicle transportation needed for work and basic everyday travel needs. Exemption limits mean that any equity that one has in the property above the limit is not exempt. The bankruptcy court can take the property and sell it to pay off any creditors and give the individual filing the exemption amount – while allocating the rest for other creditors.

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